This page will feature odds and ends about our theatres’ concessions.


Below is a Manley M-47 popcorn machine. It is the same model type as the one that was in the lobby of the Forty Fort Theatre.

The working end of the M-47.

The display end of the Manley M-47.

Matinee Days. Thomas C. Alexander on a Saturday afternoon in front of the popcorn machine. Circa 1971.

Making Concessions? Story of my life. Here I am in the theatre lobby, circa 1971.

Peter and Mary Alexander (my mom and dad) in the theatre lobby - circa 1971.

The Varsity. Taki and Peter Alexander manning the concession stand. Circa 1971.


A video capture of the last batch of corn being popped at the theatre on the old classic Manley M-47. Thomas F. Alexander in foreground. Thomas C. Alexander manning the controls.

For more information on Manley products, visit: Manley Popcorn Machines.