Alexander Family (circa 1920) Front Row L to R: Margaret Alexander (Politis), Alec Alexander, Frank Alexander, Peter Alexander Back Row: Louis Marinos Sr., Zoe (Marinos) Alexander, Thomas Alexander, Stella Marinos. The Alexander's fifth child, Taki was born some six years after this photo was taken in November of 1926. (click on photo to enlarge)

The interior of the Luzerne Theatre sometime around late 1925 or early 1926..

Theatre business partners and brothers-in-law, Louis Marinos Sr. (left) and Thomas Alexander. Circa 1930. (click on photo to enlarge)

Thomas Alexander (Alexopoulos), returned to Greece in 1931 after his first retirement from the movie theatre business a year earlier. He left the first car his hometown of Mykenes ever saw - a 1930 Buick for the villagers to use. He's the man in the center of the photo wearing the hat. He returned to the theatre biz in 1938 when he opened the Forty Fort Theatre in Forty Fort, PA.

The Luzerne Theatre, Main Street, Luzerne, PA. 1941. The marquee reads George O'Brien "Stage to Chino" plus News and Serial. The front of the marquee read A Comerford Theatre. The Comerford Corporation co-owned it with the Alexanders when it opened in 1925. However, Thomas Alexander and Louis Marinos sold their percentage to Comerford in 1930. The Alexander Family bought it back in 1955, owning it solely until it was destroyed by fire in May, 1969.

Thomas Alexander. Circa 1942.