Alexander Brothers Inc.

Alexander Brothers Inc. was formed by Frank, Peter, and Taki Alexander sometime in the late 1940’s. ┬áIt was the parent company of Alexander Brothers Coffee and Alexander Brothers Tomato Products.

When they formed the company, the three brothers found that the theatre business was becoming more challenging and sought an alternative revenue stream.

They packaged and delivered their own brand of coffee to restaurants and other businesses on a route that ran from Binghamton, New York to Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

Eventually they added canned tomato products to their service line as well. At one point, the company was know as Albros Inc.

Peter sold his portion of ABI sometime in the mid 1960’s.

In 1972, the Hurricane Agnes flood wiped out their storage facility and the business never reopened.

Alec Alexander was the only brother who was not a partner in ABI. However, he did own the Alexander Overhead (Garage) Door Company until 1971.