The photos on this page deal exclusively with the Forty Fort Theatre. You will also find many of these same photos on the theatre’s Theatre History page. Photos pertaining to the other theatres, family members, and additional historical information are visible on their respective pages. By clicking on an image, you can enlarge it for better viewing.


May, 1964. Here's a shot of the lobby of the Forty Fort Theatre. This is about a year before the popcorn and soda machine were added. The standee in the foreground shows children's matinee "Ma and Pa Kettle on Old MacDondald's Farm" Also playing, Elvis in "Kissin' Cousins." Bob Hope's "A Global Affair" was slated to start the following week, but theatre records indicate it never played in 1964.

Video capture of the marquee on the last day of operation.

Early shot of auditorium. January, 1938.

Alec Alexander, vice-president of the Forty Fort Theatre seated behind his desk. Circa 1938.

From 1987. The Secret of My Success starring Michael J. Fox. Just a few month later, and the theatre was closed.

Under the Marquee. E.T. is the movie showing, February, 1983. Clutching their valuable popcorn boxes from L to R: Taki Alexander, Peter Alexander, and Peter's son Tom.

My mom and dad, Mary and Peter in front of the theatre circa 1984.

Concession stand in the lobby of Forty Fort Theatre, Forty Fort PA. June of 1985. Left to right: Peter and Mary Alexander (parents of Thomas C. Alexander), cousin Efthimia Koutrufini (visiting from Greece), Taki Alexander, Alec Alexander and Thomas C. Alexander. Very happy days - but it was close to the end of our theatre era. Closed in 1988.

Newspaper ad from opening day, January 28, 1938.


The movie industry's popular slogan in the late 60's and early 70's was "Movie Are Better Than Ever." When the 1972 flood hit, the always clever Taki Alexander used humor to help lift some spirits as theatre clean up was in process. A visiting Bob Hope loved the play on words so much, he "borrowed" it for a monologue on one of his TV specials

Year One. The Forty Fort Theatre as it looked shortly after opening in 1938. Wyoming Valley residents my be interested in noticing that Wyoming Avenue was brick at the time and street car tracks are clearly visible.

Final Attraction. Ironically "Fatal Attraction" was the final film. Here the last patrons leaving the theatre's very last showing on Leap Day, February 29, 1988.

The Forty Fort Theatre as it looks today. It houses mostly medical offices.