Forty Fort Films has several sports comedies currently in development including Heavy Static, Out of the Hoop, and Where is Gus Pappas?

Tom Alexander co-wrote and appears in the motion picture comedy, Stonerville starring Patrick (Mad Men) Cavanaugh, Pauly Shore and Leslie Nielson in his final screen appearance.  The film is distributed through Screen Media. Watch Trailer.

“If a title can ever fully describe a movie, this is it.” Alexander jokes. “We were given a wonderful opportunity to co-write a sort of throw-back homage to the glory days of frat boy comedies like Animal House. We just made it way dirtier. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. My mother isn’t allowed to watch it.”

With several screenplays and treatments on the docket, FFF will also be involved in the production of a new sports parody series being developed for cable television.