Borough Centennial/Keystone Kops Movie

In August of 1987, the Borough of Forty Fort celebrated it’s 100th birthday with  a series of events culminating with the showing of “The Robbing Hoods of Forty Fort” at the Forty Fort Theatre. We were involved in the production of the “silent” black and white movie that featured the Keystone Kops. The Kops, who were among early cinema’s top comedic draws, were not really connected to Forty Fort and it’s Black Diamond Studios as was thought at the time, but it gave the town a good excuse to have some fun.

Premiere. August 25, 1987. We showed a movie we made in our theatre. Oops. Does that violate anti-trust laws? (Photo courtesy of Justin Detwiler)

The movie was shot with many of the Forty Fort’s citizens in starring roles on August 1, at various locations throughout the town. The movie was assembled over the following three weeks in association with Kings College and was shown (with the full red carpet treatment) at the theatre on August 31.

Premiere Night. Thomas F. Alexander, Thomas C. Alexander, and Jim Austin collecting their awards for "Best" Producer, Director, and Cinematographer respectively.

(more info and photos to come)