Other Family Members

The following Alexander/Marinos family members did have significant involvement in the operation of the theatres at various times during the family’s eighty year history in the cinema industry.

Zoe (Marinos) Alexander (August 6, 1888 – March 31, 1970)

Zoe was the wife of Thomas Alexander. She was born in Goranos (Sparta) Greece. In the earliest years of the Alexander/Marinos theatre operations, she would assist with box office duties.

George Perialis

George was a partner in the Wyoming Theatre for several years. (more to come)

Nellie (McAndrew) Marinos

Nellie was the wife of Louis Marinos Sr. and became co-owner (with brother-in-law Peter Marinos) of the Wyoming Theatre after his death in 1936.  She was also an organist in the early silent era at the Wyoming Theatre. She passed away in the late 1970’s.

Margaret (Alexander) Politis March 9, 1909-September 22, 1991

Margaret was the oldest child of Thomas and Zoe (Marinos) Alexander. A musical prodigy, she played the scores on the theatre organs as a young teenager at her father’s theatres in Luzerne and Kingston during the silent film era.

Artist's rendering of exterior of the Spa restaurant.

She later married Peter Politis and joined him in his restaurant businesses including The Spa on South Main Street, and the Bluebird Restaurant, both in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Thomas F. Alexander (b. August 6, 1953)

Son of Frank and Amelia “Mim” (Oram) Alexander.  He joined the family business as a teenager at the Luzerne Theatre in the late 1960’s and was involved as vice-president of the Forty Fort Theatre in the mid-1980’s. He currently owns and operates Alexander Computer Services in Forty Fort, PA.

Thomas C. Alexander (b. November 20, 1963)

Son of Peter and Mary (Kekeris) Alexander, he joined the family business as a teenager in the late 1970’s at the Forty Fort Theatre and remained there as a manager until it closed in February of 1988.  He currently owns and operates Alexander Productions, a media company in South Florida.

Louis Degnan (b. August 19, 1955)

Louis is the son of James and Pauline (Marinos) Degnan.  He joined the family business as a young boy in the mid-1960’s at the Wyoming Theatre and remained there until the theatre closed (destroyed by fire) in 1982.  He lives and works in the Wyoming, PA area.