The Exhibitor

The Exhibitor has been a dream film project of mine for almost twenty years.  This website is one step closer to realizing that dream, which admittedly got sidelined and placed on the back burner as my career veered into radio, music production and most recently, internet-based media.

The Exhibitor exists today as an outline and treatment and is currently being developed as a screenplay.  As I cull through the voluminous artifacts from my family’s theatres, not only do I learn more about the eighty year history of their involvement in the cinema industry, but discover unknown little gems about my grandfather’s personal life.

Thomas Alexander. Circa 1942.

He was an extraordinary man who really was one of those larger than life people.  His life story is part Cinema Paradiso, part The Godfather. Though I’ve wanted to write this project for many years, I purposely waited for a time when I could give it all it deserves. I definitely did not have the skills as a young, inexperienced screenwriter to attempt to capture my grandfather’s story.

In the past four years I’ve had the good fortune to have been hired to co-write three screenplays. One was produced and released in January of 2011. Plans are in place to return to Southern California to film the other two scripts over the next eighteen months.

This direct involvement in the industry finally makes bringing The Exhibitor to the screen a real possibility.


(more to come)

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