Tom Alexander-Executive Producer-Creator/Writer-Director/Composer

"The Smart Alecks," loosely based on Tom’s life, features characters who are essentially amalgams of several people he grew up or worked with. Tom oversaw the entire production of the pilot episode and voiced several characters himself. The author of several screenplays, Tom served as Head Writer/Musical Director for "The Drive," a nationally syndicated Sports and Comedy radio show broadcast from CBS Sportsline. His teleplay, "You Can’t Say That!" was web cast by that web site as well. He is also a keyboardist/composer. He’s scored countless jingles, several PBS documentaries including "Friends of the Environment" for The Mobil Oil Corporation, and one motion picture. National Public Radio featured his music on it’s Weekend Edition Sunday pro-gram. He is the founder of Alexander Productions and Forty Fort Films.

Seth Lubin-Producer

Who does Jimmy and the rest of the Smart Alecks depend on to keep their show on time and on budget? Seth. A graduate of Nova Southeastern School of Law, he spent 11 years as General Counsel for Security Management Corporation. Recently, Seth has been Chief Counsel and Vice President of Operations for Xtreme Accessories, LLC, a third party developer for Apple Computer, Inc. Since 1996, Seth has represented Foghat, "Lonesome" Dave Peverett and Blue Rock Entertainment, Inc. Seth was not only the legal advisor on many of the above artists’ projects, but also was significantly involved in the production of recent video and audio releases from the Foghat and Lonesome Dave catalogs.

Barry Pavel-Director of Animation

Jimmy Gibbs, Bada Bing and the rest of the Smart Alecks have the head of Pavelshire INK to thank for their ability to move around. The quirky ticks, the hilarious expressions, all the elements that bring each Smart Alecks character to life come from Barry. He has produced hundreds of animation sequences for national commercials that include Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Toyota. He is also an accomplished musician. The crew considers Barry the "go to" guy on Team Smart Aleck!

David Hoffer-Chief Artist

Dave is the man responsible for creating the look of each character on The Smart Alecks. An in-demand cartoonist, he’s created several promotional cartoon characters for major web sites as well as for professional sports franchises including the Florida Panthers of the NHL.

Joe Sutphin-Background Artist

Those hip looking sets like the South Philly streets, Jimmy’s apartment and the psychiatrist’s office are the work of one man, Joe Sutphin. In fact, everywhere the Smart Alecks go, they’re going to someplace Joe built (actually, drew). Joe has been an art director for several large advertising firms, and has recently turned his talents toward the production of animated films.

Craig Brooks-Associate Producer

Craig was solely responsible in recruiting many of the voice actors who worked on Smart Alecks. His in-studio voice direction was essential in the success of each of the performances. A long time actor and voice director, Craig currently serves as Field Producer on the hit MTV program, Taildaters.

John Zissimos-Creative Consultant

The Smart Alecks team is fortunate to have enlisted the talented John Zissimos, who’s created some of the most memorable characters in TV advertising in recent years including the Lipton Brisk puppets and The Blur for Baby Ruth candy bars. John lent his talents to the project in many ways including providing the voice for the lovable street vendor, Stavros Gyros.

John Chintala-Promotion Coordinator

A veteran radio writer/producer, author and documentary film maker, John has helped the Smart Alecks team fine tune ways for the show to reach as many people as possible. His keen eye for detail has also been a major asset in the production of this project as well.

The “Smart Alecks” name and logo, and the “Forty Fort Films” name and logo are trademarks of Alexander Productions, Inc. Characters names, images and likenesses are all copyrighted, 2002.