The Smart Alecks are now appearing in their very own cartoon strip. Appearing monthly in The Fan magazine, The Smart Alecks continue the antics of Jimmy, Bada Bing, Stavros and Professor Klein.

See the Smart Alecks preview here.

Jimmy Gibbs. A lovable, South Philly jazz musician and diehard baseball fan.

Just your average schlemiel, right?

Not really.

See, Gibbs begrudgingly finds himself the leader of a rag tag group of misfits known as "the Smart Alecks." When he relates their day to day lives to a couple of adult film makers (twin brothers no less) who long to enter legitimate cinema, they consider him their ticket to Hollywood. And it's easy to see why.

When you're surrounded by such luminaries as Joey "Bada Bing" Martinelli, (an Italian-American former-Major League-hopeful-turned-handyman with an Atlas physique and an even bigger gambling addiction) you're bound to have some juicy yarns.

Or how about Jimmy's best friend Professor Klein, a former CIA insider and current Film Appreciation professor. He spent so many years "undercover" in a variety of disguises that he can't remember his true identity! So he changes personae on a regular basis, actually believing that he's Robert De Niro, Woody Allen, and even Marlon Brando.

Then there's the philosophy-spouting Greek street vendor, Stavros Gyros, famous for the world's best gyros, but even better known for "quoting" Aristotle, Plato and Socrates just to make a point.

So when this "quartet of doom" goes head-to-head with local syndicate big shot Angelo the
Artery and his band of thugs, South Philly gets turned upside down.

Look out! Here come the Smart Alecks!



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