Radio CEO

Radio CEO, candid conversations from the executive suite with host Tom AlexanderYour company may have a web “presence,” but does it have a voice?

Radio CEO delivers studio-quality, “web-ready” radio segments that give company CEOs and C-level executives a "voice," enabling them to make a more personal connection with sales prospects, customers, investors, and business partners visiting their website.

Each four and a half minute segment comes with a standard introduction, musical accompaniment, and visuals coordinated with the audio. Radio CEO is produced and hosted by Alexander Productions (in partnership with BackBone Inc., a business communications firm). The rich multimedia aspect has prompted one analyst to describe Radio CEO as a "radio movie."

For a recent example, visit  We think you'll agree that Radio CEO is a perfect way to spotlight your CEO, President or division head -- their vision, leadership, insights and the things that make him or her tick...the things that make your company stand apart.

It typically takes two weeks to complete an entire Radio CEO segment. We schedule a fifteen minute phone-in session with your designated executive...and distill the best sound bites into a seamless four and a half minute segment.

For more information -- or to schedule a consultation -- contact or call 954-801-0586.


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